Ice cream grows up, gets bold and evolves to capture new audiences

Childhood favorite becomes adult innovation

No one ever really grows out of loving ice cream, but an adult’s more-complex palate and tastes often leave behind the traditional chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Adults love ice cream, but they want unique flavors and combinations. What are they after, exactly?

  • Gourmet and global flavors that are outside the ordinary.
  • Unique combinations of sweet, savory and heat paired with unexpected flavor fusions.
  • Natural ingredients — and not too many of them, because a clean label is paramount.

“Demand for sophisticated and unusual flavors is giving rise to a variety of new ice cream concepts, including the use of mix-ins, toppings and sauces that add texture and excitement.”

How to take ice cream to the next level

Flavor combinations and novel ingredients are the cornerstones of ice cream’s move to the next level. It’s vital that they be not only full and flavorful, but identifiable, transparent and traceable in order to gain consumer traction and trust.

Sensient Natural Ingredients has the portfolio of ingredients, all with impeccable flavor and sourcing pedigree, to add color, depth and richness to foods and beverages. Our team is eager to collaborate with yours to create the next wave of ice cream products.

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