Chili Varietals & Capsicums

A Century of Expertise in Manufacturing Chili Products

Since 1919, we’ve been providing high-quality chili products and varietals to global food manufacturers. With many choices in flavor, texture, color and heat level, request a consultation for your next innovation.

Authenticity. Quality. Culinary Expertise.

Clean Label

HATCH™ Chile Cert.



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Chili Varietals

Specialty chili varietals such as Ancho, Chipotle, Guajillo, and HATCH™ Chile.

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Clean-label paprika, chili pepper, red pepper, and chili powder with no ethoxyquin added.

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Clean, Simple Ingredients

Clean-label products are made with only natural and recognizable ingredients. Instead of using synthetic antioxidants such as ethoxyquin and flow agents such as silicon dioxide, our organic capsicums and clean-label chili products have none added.

Quality Assurance and Controls

Our QA and QC departments exercise rigorous testing protocols which include microbiological, organoleptic, physical and chemical analysis and evaluation to ensure products meet stringent specifications for food safety, quality and sensory attributes.