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We grow our organic crops in the fertile fields of the United States, and continue to identify new organic ingredients to expand our organic footprint. Searching for a specific organic ingredient? Request a Consultation

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Organic Capsicums

US-grown organic ancho, cayenne, guajillo, jalapeno, paprika, chili pepper, and roasted chili pepper.

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Organic Onion

California-grown organic onion, organic toasted onion, and organic smoked onion.

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Organic Garlic

California-grown organic garlic and organic roasted garlic.

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Organic Parsley

California-grown organic curly leaf parsley.

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Our Certasure™ Promise

Certasure™ is our promise that besides meeting all USDA Organic Certification requirements in quality, safety and authenticity, we also ensure that from start to finish, you can clearly see our vertically-integrated process, every step of the way.

Ground & Grower Selection

We are financially and emotionally involved with our crops, so partnering with experienced, responsible growers to grow in the optimal climate, soil, and ground is a must to ensure the highest quality organic onion, garlic, parsley, and capsicums.

Farming & Harvesting

Sensient’s dedicated organic crop field representatives work closely with our growers from farming to harvesting, managing potential pest issues without the use of any synthetic pesticides or other prohibited chemicals.