Rich and savory meat flavors are moving to the entire menu

May 7, 2022

Wide variety of proteins opens up culinary explorations

Wide variety of proteins opens up culinary explorations

Consumers have long had a love affair with all types of meat and the many savory ways to prepare it. Now, as more people than ever seek to augment their diet with new and exciting flavors, cooked proteins are moving front and center as entrees and side dishes. Here’s what is driving the trend:

  • Consumers want spicy, meaty, sweet and sour, and smoked flavors — a natural for prepared meats.
  • International flavors are in demand, particularly those that can go beyond savory and/or sweet and offer roasted, smoked nuances.
  • Clean labels aren’t a fad; they are a market necessity, and consumers will seek out natural options.

“The rise in popularity of meal kits and grocery delivery services has maximized the use of ready-to-go ingredients, such as spice blends and marinades, in home cooking. These offer multiple opportunities to introduce products and flavors to consumers who already have shown an interest in cooking and meal preparation.”

Unique flavor combinations have a growing variety of uses

For manufacturers, the possibilities are endless. Consumers are eager to try ethnic foods and flavors from every continent, meaning they will seek out ingredients that hail from those areas when they are either preparing their own version or purchasing a ready-made one.

Sensient Natural Ingredients’ transparent, farm-to-table approach means that ingredients grown around the world are at your disposal. Whether it’s meals, sauces, snacks or any other option, we have the flavors and the expertise to make your products shine.

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