Consumers want to travel the culinary world — why not help them?

May 7, 2019

Consumers want to travel the culinary world — why not help them?

Seasonings with an international flair pique interest and create sales

While not everyone has the time for an international “gastro tour” of culinary delights, we all like to try interesting and unusual flavors from different lands. Consumers will pursue products that offer that kind of seasoning and flavor that they can enjoy at home. What’s driving the trend?

  • A yen for exploration. Consumers want combinations of flavors and tastes they have not had before.
  • Convenience. The rise of meal-kit delivery services, and their local-grocer counterparts, showcase the novelty of foreign cuisine and the growing interest in home preparation.
  • Organic/clean ingredients. As in other products, consumers want these new flavors to be identifiable, and they’d like to know their backstory.

“International flavors are hot: Over the past two years, conveniently packed seasoning products have grown from 2 percent of overall global seasoning launches to a 5 percent share.”

Spices and seasonings also benefit from a health and wellness angle

In addition to choosing seasonings that are clean-label and organic, consumers also are exploring international seasonings (as well as home-grown ones) to pursue cooking with and eating less sodium. And for those whose dietary choices include salt? Infused, artisanal blends are capturing a growing market share.

Creating fascinating blends of seasonings and spices is what we do at Sensient Natural Ingredients every day. Let us partner with your team to review current and in-development products and see where our array of flavors can take you.

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