Building trust requires traceability, transparency and accountability

Knowledge affects buying decisions

Consumers want to know what they are eating. It’s that simple. They have become educated and want to know more than what’s typically discoverable on an ingredients label. They want to trace ingredients from the ground up. When they go online for information, here’s what they are searching for:

  • Ingredients in food
  • Impact of food and health
  • Food safety

“53 percent of consumers would be willing to switch brands if another brand shared more detailed product information. ”

Overcoming skepticism is key

Unfortunately, food manufacturers are often seen as a monolithic group. Fewer than 50 percent of consumers hold a positive impression of the food manufacturing sector. At the same time, two out of three think positively of the agricultural sector.

Furthermore, food recalls can quickly sour consumers on both manufacturers and down-stream brand owners, especially when there’s no clear path monitored from ingredient source to end product. A massive recall in 2018 affected a host of nearly 4 million pounds of pre-made products, from prepared chicken salads to sandwiches and even tartar sauce, traced to a common supplier of frozen onions and other vegetables. And earlier this year, a Canadian recall of whole red chili peppers imported from Vietnam caused problems for consumers and manufacturers alike. In the first case, salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes bacteria were suspected; in the second case, it was due to a possible salmonella contamination.

Today, it is important to connect the product you’re making with where its ingredients come from and show that road map to consumers. How? Work with suppliers who oversee their production from farm to table can give you that full traceability and transparency to pass on to your customers. Over 50 percent of consumers would be willing to switch brands if another brand shared more detailed product information. Sensient’s Certasure™ program ensures that all our organic ingredients go through stringent quality testing, full raw material traceability and best manufacturing practices.Click for more information

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