Bake natural ingredients and clean labeling into products for success

May 8, 2022

Bake natural ingredients and clean labeling into products for success

Having it all presents challenges

When it comes to prepared baked goods, consumers are eager to indulge in unique and innovative flavors — but they still want to know how the baked product is made and what’s inside.

That means presenting indulgent snacks that have a “better for you” twist. On the list of consumer demands:

  • Healthier ingredients
  • Minimal processing
  • Smaller portions
  • Convenience

“US-grown, non-GMO and organic ingredients with full traceability can be used to develop artisan baked goods such as Vanilla Parsley Cookies, Ancho Chocolate Muffins, and Cajun Spice Bagels.Unique offerings capture flavor — and consumers ”

Sensient Natural Ingredients comes to the table with a US-grown organic platform that includes roasted garlic, toasted and smoked onion, cayenne, jalapeño, guajillo, ancho, and parsley. We also provide premium offerings, including naturally smoked vegetables, and HATCH™ Chile from New Mexico Hatch Valley. These natural ingredients can deliver new flavors to baked goods like never before – Vanilla Parsley cookies, Ancho Chocolate muffins, Cajun Spice bagels, to name a few.

Give consumers products that provide the indulgence they crave with the simplicity and transparency they demand. How? Sensient’s Certasure™ program ensures that all our organic ingredients go through stringent quality testing, full raw material traceability and the best manufacturing practices.Visit market insight and  product application for more information.

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Building trust requires traceability, transparency and accountability

Consumers have become educated and want to know more than what’s typically discoverable on an ingredients label.


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