CertiPure Pasteurized Onion

A breakthrough in the pasteurization of dehydrated ingredients, the CertiPure process results in an all-natural, ultra clean, ultra safe onion, that's ready to use in a variety of applications without the need for additional processing.


California Onion Applications

Chopped or sliced onion is commonly used in meals, sides and soups for flavor and visual impact; onion in minced, granulated or powder form can be used in sauces, dressings, and seasonings for a smoother texture and more homogenous flavor distribution.


Organic Smoked Onion balances the rich, creamy dip with a mellow smokiness and savory notes.

Cold-smoked over a proprietary blend of fruit wood, Smoked Onion adds an unique savory, cooked onion...

A chunky, hearty bowl of Tortilla soup made with Organic Smoked Onion, Organic Ancho, and Organic Ga...

Onion Seed Development

Our agronomists select the best attributes to breed for high-solids onion, reduce dehydration process energy consumption and Sensient’s carbon footprint, and minimize our impact to the planet while producing Non-GMO and Organic food ingredients.