Naturally bold flavor, texture & color

from the ground up.

Sustainably-grown, globally sourced, fully traceable, non-GMO.

Natural ingredients you can taste, touch, and trust. 

U.S. Grown Organics

100% of our organic ingredients are grown in the United States

Agronomy Know-how

Virus-free California garlic program and high-solids California onion seed development

Consumer Focus

Market-based product concept ideation and consumer insights primary research

Artisan Ingredients

Roasted garlic, toasted onion, smoked and fire-roasted peppers and vegetables

Market insights are key to successful product development

Who are your target customers? How do they make their purchase decisions? Would they prefer clean-label ingredients? Sensient conducts primary research to help our customers reach the best educated product development decisions.

Market-driven Product Development

Let our Innovation team assist you with market-driven product ideation and development.

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