Garlic, Onion, & Parsley

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After the harvest, our Non-GMO Project verified California-grown garlic, onion and parsley arrive at our California-based facility to be washed, dehydrated, and processed, preserving field-fresh flavor for your food product.


Our California-grown garlic is cultivated from virus-free plants produced in-house by Sensient Natural Ingredients, which offers complete traceability throughout the product’s life cycle. By propagating select, virus-free seedlings, planting young garlic in isolated fields by hand, and carefully monitoring mature crops, our team ensures superior product consistency year after year.

Use our traditional garlic for a rich, robust flavor, or try Roasted Garlic for a deep, earthy experience.

Available forms: chopped, minced, ground, granulated, and powder

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Our California-grown onion is planted strategically along a 1,000-mile latitude to provide 200 consecutive days of harvest. Traditional onions deliver a complex, familiar bite to savory foods. For a hint of sweetness, try Toasted Onion; for mellow smokiness and rich, earthy tone, try Smoked Onion. For information about our 100% certified Organic Onion, please contact us.

Available forms: sliced, diced, chopped, minced, ground, granulated, and powder

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Parsley enhances taste and rounds off the overall flavor profile of savory dishes. Its lush, green color provides visual appeal. Our parsley is cultivated exclusively in California, which enables us to trace the origin of our parsley back to a specific field/ grower.

Available forms: flakes, granulated, and powder