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In this last decade, a strong, consumer-driven demand for “clean label” products has emerged – most consumers today prefer food products containing only simple, familiar ingredients. To replace synthetic ingredients while maintaining product quality and production efficiency, try Sensient Natural Ingredients’ clean label capsicums and Umami Natural™.

Clean Label Capsicums

Sensient Natural Ingredients blends our capsicums [including paprika] with a natural replacement for ethoxyquin.

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Clean Label Savory Flavors: Umami Natural™

In addition to sweet, bitter, sour and salty, “umami” is the fifth taste that can brighten up the other tastes and round out the overall flavor of a dish. Based on market demand, Sensient Natural Ingredients has developed Umami Natural, a vegetable-based source of umami that enhances the taste of food products, providing savory flavor without any artificial components.

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