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Sensient Natural Ingredients provides genuine chili varietals, including paprika, ancho, guajillo, and chipotle peppers as well as Hatch chili pepper from New Mexico and varietals from India. From sweet, relatively mild chili peppers to Habanero blend, our pure chili pepper products not only adds flavors, heat and color to food and beverage products, but also the chili pepper name recognition consumers are looking for.

For more complex flavor profiles, we offer a wide range of chili powders that can be used as is or tailored to your target heat/ASTA specifications. Take a look at our Chili Powder Cookbook for application ideas such as El Capitan Rum Balls.

Mexican Chili Varietals

Sensient has selected chili peppers from Mexico – such as Ancho and Chipotle – that represent an incredible range of flavor and heat.

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Indian Chili Varietals

The exotic, richly-spiced cuisine of India depends on serious heat delivered by chili peppers such as Devanur and Byadgi.

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New Mexico Hatch Chili

US-grown New Mexico Hatch Chili Pepper is known for its savory green vegetable flavor, mild heat, and mouth-watering aroma.

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