Field Operations & Harvest

To eliminate fluctuations in product quality and availability, Sensient Natural Ingredients controls our entire supply chain–from seed development and planting to harvest and processing. Our tenured Field Operations team maintains a level of on-the-ground insight and control that results in consistently superior products for you.

Sensient Natural Ingredients plants our crops and observes growth first-hand to ensure that desired results will be achieved. Our experienced agronomists determine precise spacing, density, and depth for planting seeds in varying soil conditions. By working closely with growers to inspect crops in the field, agronomists ensure that products will fulfill our specifications.

Professional growers with decades of experience maintain and care for our crops. In fact, many of them have worked with Sensient Natural Ingredients for 30+ years. Growers depend on our agricultural resources, along with California’s superior weather and expansive fields, to produce products capable of meeting Sensient’s high standards.

Our engineers design custom harvest equipment to capture superior crop yields. Sensient Natural Ingredients has built highly-specialized harvest equipment in-house for over 35 years. Our hands-on approach enables us to be incredibly agile: Sensient is able to apply cutting-edge technology to our equipment and continuously improve operational efficiency.