Crop Sciences R&D

With over 80 years of experience growing onion and garlic, customers trust Sensient Natural Ingredients to provide consistent, high-quality ingredients. Our knowledge of seed development and plant selection contributes to the high yield, high solids content, low microbial count, and consistency of harvested product.

At Sensient Natural Ingredients, dedication to product quality is a long-term effort. Our onion breeding team continually develops and introduces numerous non-GMO onion varieties with diverse maturities as well as improved reliability and disease resistance. In addition, our garlic is derived from virus-free plants developed through a proprietary in-house tissue culture program. Through constant iteration, these robust plants continue to improve the length of our industry-leading processing season, reliability of harvest, and the cost of product you purchase.


Sensient Natural Ingredients produces virus-free garlic and isolates the crop from disease threats to ensure a consistent, quality harvest. Our research scientists focus wholly on keeping our proven strains of garlic strong and disease-free.


California’s geography offers an extended season for agriculture, which enables Sensient Natural Ingredients to take advantage of a broad range of harvest dates. Our growers plant 20 different daylength-specific proprietary onion varieties throughout California to provide 200 consecutive days of harvest.