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Sensient Natural Ingredients controls our process from seed development to planting, harvesting, production, and culinary research.

Crop Sciences R&D

Our knowledge of seed development and plant selection contributes to the high yield, high solids content, low microbial count, and consistency of harvested product.

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Field Operations & Harvest

Our Field Operations team works closely with growers to inspect crops in the field and ensure crop quality. For optimal harvest efficiency, we use proprietary equipment designed specifically for harvesting garlic, onion, or parsley to maximize yield while reducing carbon footprint.

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After harvest, our product is transported to the facility, washed thoroughly, sliced and dehydrated. Product is then milled to the different sizes to satisfy customers’ needs.

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Quality Assurance & Technical Services

Sensient Natural Ingredients leads an ongoing, proactive effort to provide high quality products by eliminating the uncertainty associated with contamination.

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