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Smoke, Fire and Flavor

July 31, 2017

Consumers’ insatiable quest for flavor adventure knows no borders. One way to put the ‘wow’ back into meat & poultry offerings is with premium ingredients from a specific growing region. Read more in the July 31 issue of Food Business News.

Spanning the globe to add spice to snack flavors

July 13, 2017

Clean-label ingredients such as vegetables can be used to achieve flavor profiles that resonate with consumers and better position a product above those containing artificial ingredients. Read more in the July 13 issue of Food Business News.

State of the Industry 2017: Frozen snacks and appetizers capitalize on innovations

July 18, 2017

Consumer influences from restaurants, food trucks and general culinary experimentation have changed the playing field for the frozen snacks and appetizer market. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery reports on the state of the snacks industry 2017.

Flavors ‘planted’ in fruits, veggies

June 8, 2017

“…2017 is less about reducing or adding something to your diet. It’s more about going back to natural ingredients, like vegetables and fruits. But you don’t have to get them from the actual source. You can have them in your drinks and snacks,” says Jean Shieh in a recent issue of Store Brands magazine.

Formulation trends: sodium stand-ins

March 7, 2017

Salt adds taste, stabilizes the leavening process and acts as natural preservative. But food companies are faced with reducing salt in many foods. What they replace it with depends on the formulation, and must be carefully selected. Jean Shieh and Roger Lane discuss with Food Processing a variety of viable salt reduction options, including Umami Natural, a clean-label blend of vegetable powders devoid of added salt, MSG, synthetic ingredients and gluten.

Sourcing organic ingredients

March 1, 2017

Felipe Aguilar, director of supply chain at Sensient Natural Ingredients, discusses with Food Business News the challenges that can accompany organic ingredient sourcing and how they may be overcome. (Pictured: Dan Brotslaw, SNI Crops Research Manager)

Spice world

 February 8, 2017

“A ‘green’ trend is growing, with specific demand for green chili peppers, such as green Serrano chili pepper and New Mexico Hatch chili pepper, to bring fresh, green notes to sauces, salsas and snacks,” says Jean Shieh in a recent issue of Food In Canada.

Testing new flavors

 February 1, 2017

Chefs share with Meat+Poultry their favorite go-to ingredients and techniques for creating flavorful, on-trend dressings, marinades and sauces.

Formulators taking a solutions approach to natural

January 6, 2017

Jean Shieh discusses how transparency and regional sourcing will become more important for clean label products sourced from natural ingredients with Food Business News.